Nuevo AYSO

Region 797

Mystic Field

19619 Orange St.

Lakeview, CA



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Welcome to Nuevo AYSO




Welcome the our 2015 soccer season!!

The sounds of whistles blowing will be filling the air once again every Saturday morning.  Nuevo AYSO will be starting its 24th year as Region 797 this season!! And we can't wait to see what the players will learn and develop over the next few weeks.  We would like to thank all of you who have become a volunteer this season and help with making our region shine !

Please Remember

Mystic Field and AYSO rules are

NO PETS on the field at anytime.


Please be safe when driving in the parking lot and on the streets around Mystic Field..

  "Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they are priceless" 

-Sherry Anderson






 500,00 Players

Players that will take to the fields nationwide in 2015,

making AYSO the World's Biggest Soccer Club

Upcoming Events:



October 17-  Make up picture day

9am-10am @Mystic Field

November 7-Closing Ceremony TBA

November 14 & 21-  Regional Tournament  TBA

























Need Community Hours???


 Calling All High School Students

Let Nuevo AYSO help you! Our Non-Profit Organization is always needing help during our season. 

Please feel free to call any board member for more details















































For more Upcoming Events please see "Calendar and Events" Page


Looking to be a VIP  Buddy??

please see "VIP Program" page


Thank you for being a Volunteer !!!