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Game Preparation

Please take a couple minutes and read through the following guidelines.  Everybody needs to be "on the same page" as to what is expected from us on game days in order to ensure that we can continue to run a smooth operating, high quality youth soccer program.
Thank you for stepping up and giving your time to the kids of Region 797!


  • FIELD PREPARATION - It is the responsibility of both teams that have the first game of the day (home team for Area play) to prepare the fields.  This means putting out the corner flags and setting up and securing the goals with sandbags where necessary.  PLEASE keep the storage sheds neat. If the field is not ready then the referee will not start the match until the field is properly prepared.  The game will be shortened by the amount of time it takes to get the field ready which is UNFAIR TO THE KIDS.

  • PLAYER LINEUP CARDS - 10U and up coaches must provide the pre-printed OFFICIAL LINEUP CARD that was given to them by the Region.  All lineup cards must have the players jersey number clearly printed next to the name, and must be in number order.

  • PLAYER UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT - JEWELRY OF ANY KIND IS NOT PERMITTED!  If a player just got her ears pierced - earrings must be removed or player can not play.  It is NOT acceptable to cover up earrings with tape or band-aids.  Shinguards must be worn UNDER socks (next to skin) and be COMPLETELY covered by the socks.  It is NOT acceptable to wear the sock underneath and fold the sock over the top of the shinguard.  Jerseys must be matching colors with unique numbers for all players.  You can apply athletic tape to create a unique number if necessary.  Goalkeepers should wear a jersey or "pinnie" that is a different color than either team's field players.  The Referee will provide 3 properly inflated game balls.

  • COACHES/PARENTS ON THE FIELD  - Coaches/parents are NOT allowed on the field (except for as provided in the U6/U8 Guidelines) without the permission of the referee.  Coaches must remain within the technical area throughout the game.  If the technical area is not clearly marked - it is defined by the perimeter of the center circle extended toward the touch line (10 yards either side of the halfway line.

  • SUBSTITUTION BREAKS - In U14 and under games there are four substitution opportunities. They are: Midway through the first half; Halftime, Midway through the second half and for injury.  A substitution break should only take about a minute to complete and play should resume ASAP.  The referees do NOT stop the clock for the substitution break.  Players should remain on the field during the substitution break.  Parents can come to the touchline to give their players a quick drink.  Did you know that it is a misconduct (yellow card) for a player to leave or enter the field without the permission of the referee?  The substitution break is NOT a coaching opportunity.  Coaches should be well organized and plan ahead for substitutions.  Do not delay the restart of the game!  Extra time will NOT be added at the end of the half to make up for time wasted during substitutions which is UNFAIR TO THE KIDS.

  • RESPECT THE CALLS (NON-CALLS) OF THE OFFICIALS - Do not disagree with the decisions made by the referee crew.  If you think that a mistake was made on the direction of a restart, whether a foul did or didn't occur, whether a player was or wasn't offside... you need to KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF.  When coaches start complaining about the referees - it inspires other spectators and players to do the same.  THIS IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Refer to the Region 797 Policies page for the Misconduct and Disciplinary Action Policy.


FIELD TAKEDOWN - It is the home team's responsibility to collect the corner flags and secure them in the storage locker when they are the last game of the day on that field.  If there is a question if you are the last game of the day... if there are not teams waiting to take the field; then break down the field.  Field Parent(s) should also pick up any trash or debris and deposit in nearby garbage/recycling.  Lost and Found articles can be put into the storage locker.

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